Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Self Portrait

Yet another assignment for my Computers class. We were given an assignment in which we had to create a textural self portrait. I took the assignment as to create an image using textural materials however I think most of my class got a different idea oh well this was the final outcome at least for now.

Photoshop Fun

For my computers class we were assigned a project where we had to take a couple of pictures and put them together. One of which had to be a play on a  historical event.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Copyright Laws

With all of the new technology that is coming out with imagery and the internet a lot of new questions have been raised and the line of who owns what has become blurred. For example if you put an image up on a public sharing photo site such as Flickr can a major corporation take that image and profit from it or can a person use it for personal use. Is it illegal for someone to use someone else’s image if it is not for profit or is only illegal if they use it for profit? Also if someone puts their image on Flickr or other image sharing website are they releasing their rights to the image? Also there are concerns raised if there are people in the image and the issue of their own personal privacy.
My opinion on the entire matter is that I can see both sides of the issue. As for the person who owned the image I feel like they have certain rights to their images and the uses of it however if they put their images up on public sites such as Flickr they are forfeiting some of their rights to their images.
Also my opinion on the corporation side is that they are simply taking advantage of images that are put on public websites. However I think they are kind of stealing if they don’t compensate the owner of the image especially if they are making a large profit from the image.
One thing I really can only see one side of is when an image of a person is used without their knowledge or consent. This whole conflict brings up the idea of personal privacy. Your image is something that you own and no one should have the rights to use it with your consent.
In the end there are a very fine line when it comes to copyrights and the commercial use of images.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Scanner Face Project

This is my scanner face project I am not a huge fan of vectoring so I am quite glad this project is over.

Here is my slide show of my text project the representational one didn't upload correctly so I have to figure that out.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Phildelphia Adventure

The one place I have wanted to go in Philly for the longest time was Reading Terminal Market. So when I got my foundations computers assignment to go out into the city that we live in I knew within 5 seconds where I was going to go. Unfortunately the weather that day was not the best however I met my roommate in Center City and off we went trekking through the ice, sleet and snow. I was rather excited to get out the cold by the time we made it to the terminal. As soon as I stepped through the doors I was amazed. It was like this little hidden burst of smells colors and people. It was nothing like I expected. It was a Friday afternoon so it wasnt too terribly crowded. But the experience was just as amazing. I started walking around and I just couldnt even believe that all of the little shops and vendors could fit  into such a small little space. As I began to walk around I noticed the shops full of colorful candy and the fresh fruits and flowers. It was just so colorful. As we wandered  around my roomate pulled me into this little shop that was a spice and coffee vendor. She practically had to drag me out of there every thing just smelled so good. After that we wandered around and due to the fact that we we were wandering around a market filled with food we just had to grap some lunch. We grapped a soft pretzel and sat down and ate leizaurly while those around us wandered around the market. It took me a moment to reliaze but we had a little sound track to our lunch a man was playing the piano a few tables away. After lunch we had to leave and head back to campus. I was really sad to leave and head back out into the storm but overall it was a great afternoon.